Feeding Supplies

Each product has a description and contact information.

Children's Medical Ventures Cleft Palate Nipple System (Pigeon Nipple):

Nipples are cross-cut with an adjustable flow control valve and fits standard size baby bottle. Each is approximately $3.00.


Phone: 1-800-377-3449

541 Main Street

S. Weymouth, MA 02190

Phone: 203-294-2328

Fax: 781-337-5938

Mead Johnson Cleft Palate Nurser Bottles

Bottles are fully squeezable with elongated cross-cut nipple, or can be used with any standard size nipple. A box of 6 is approximately $16.00 with shipping and handling.


Phone: 1-800-BABY123

Medela Haberman Bottles:

Bottles have a squeezable nipple and valve system. Diane gives a discount to Charleston Clefts, Inc. and the parents of cleft-affected babies of Haberman feeders, $19.00 each. Bottles are in stock regularly.


Nursing Mother's Express

Diane Beidler, RN

PO Box 1626

Mt Pleasant, SC 29456

Phone: 843-971-1020

Ross Cleft Palate Nurser Nipples:

Nipples are shaped like inverted funnels and can be trimmed to size for your child. No sucking is needed with the nipple. A box of 3 is approximately $2.40.


Phone: 1-800-986-8503 (Ask for Beth in Educational Services)

Zip-N-Squeeze Feeding Bags:

Squeeze bags are disposable and replace syringe feeding. Each is approximately $1.95


Susan Beaudette, RN

PO Box 575

Yorba Linda, CA 92885-0575


Phone: 714-997-7146