Tips from Members of Charleston Clefts

Here are some tips from the members of the support group, who have "been there and done that" and know some secrets to making your and your child's life a little easier.

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Feeding your Cleft Affected BabyPumping  |  Nursing  |  Nursing with Specific Clefts  |  When a Cleft Affected Child Joins a Family  |  Dealing With Guilt  |  Dealing with Rude Comments  |  Taking Pictures of your newborn  |  Announcements  |  Daycare and Sitters  | Selecting a Team  |  Clinic  | Insurance

Tips for Feeding your Cleft-Affected Baby


Tips for Pumping


Tips for Nursing


Tips for Nursing with Specific Types of Clefts


Tips for When a Cleft Affected Child Joins a Family


Tips for Dealing with Guilt

Realize you are NOT responsible for the cleft

Be strong for your child - he or she can read your feelings

Know the difference between risk factors and causes

It is normal to feel/not feel a variety of emotions - including guilt, disbelief, anger, shock, sadness, confusion, disappointment, or fear

Talk to someone about your feelings - either a spouse, relative, friend, professional, or support group member

Tips for Dealing with Rude Comments


Tips for Taking Pictures of your Newborn


Tips for Announcements


Tips for Daycare and Sitters


Tips for Selecting a Team


Tips for Clinic


Tips for Insurance