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Charleston Clefts currently maintains a photo album with sample before and after pictures for the purpose of showing what surgical procedures can accomplish and what progress a child can make over the years. This album is brought to some of the local Cleft Lip and palate clinics.

Below is only a sample of the pictures in the album.

If you would like to provide us with before and after pictures of your child, please email Laurie at


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Andrew, born March 17, 1997, with a unilateral cleft lip and palate, loves to play with balls and sticks. His wonderfully sweet personality is such a joy to experience.

As of February, 1998, Andy has undergone two surgeries to repair his lip and soft palate.

Andy talks well at this point. He can pronounce many different words, and he has no nasality in his voice quality.

Casey was born with a complete unilateral cleft lip and palate. So far, he has had three surgeries, and is due for another around age three. Casey has begun speech therapy. The cleft has not bothered him at all. He is a very active child with an outgoing personality. He loves to play with his brother and our cat, Myskin. With the help of our cleft palate team, Casey has a beautiful smile!  
After just one surgery, Alyssa, born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate, is progressing extremely well. She is a very happy child, constantly enjoying the companionship and attention of her big sister Ariel. An admired teddy bear as well as Elmo rank as her favorite toys. Alyssa and her family travel to Charleston from Longs, SC (near Myrtle Beach) for surgeries and Cleft Palate Team visits.  
David was born with a wide unilateral cleft lip and palate, six weeks premature; but he was able to leave the hospital after three days. David has had four reconstructive surgeries so far and faces just one more.

By all accounts, David is a happy, well adjusted five-year-old who understands that he "was born with a hole in his mouth." He does not view this as a major issue in life.

David has progressed well with speech therapy and has been discharged from the therapy at age five. Most of all, David is a joy to all around him and does not view himself different from other children.

Kyle is a happy little boy, who is an avid music lover. He enjoys playing the piano and dancing to any music he hears. Kyle was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and has successfully undergone two surgeries so far.

His parents, Keith and Heather, have enjoyed the time they spend with Kyle. Amanda, Kyle's big sister, is his first choice of playmates. However, Kyle also loves playing with their dog.

Kyle learned to walk a bit later than his sister, and his teeth have also come in later than when most cut teeth. However, his speech and word comprehension are extremely good!

Holland was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. He has had four surgeries and is doing extremely well. Presently, he is preparing for his bone graft and nasal reconstruction surgery.

Holland enjoys playing Game Boy and computer games, as well as football. He excels in his schoolwork making straight A's most of the time! Holland's popularity in school is evident by his numerous friends there.

Geordie was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. He has had four surgeries so far, and faces one more. Speech therapy was begun at age two and continued until age five. Geordie's hearing is at 100%. Presently he is preparing for the braces stage of treatment.

An all-A student in school, Geordie loves math and reading best! Soccer, baseball and tennis are among his favorite sports to play. Recently, he earned his yellow belt in Karate. He loves anything that is related to Disney or Pokemon.


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